Posted on Sep 2, 2020

Mandeep Toor Real Estate Team

✅✅((((Identify Theft Red Flags))))✅✅

🎯A creditor informs you that an application for credit was received with your name and address, which you did not apply for.
🎯Telephone calls or letters state that you have been approved or denied by a creditor that you did
not apply for.
🎯You receive credit card statements or other bills in your name, which you did not apply for.
🎯You no longer receive credit card statements or you notice that not all of your mail is delivered.
🎯A collection agency informs you that they are collecting for a defaulted account established with your identity and you never opened the account.
🎯Financial account statements show withdrawals or transfers that you didn’t make.
🎯You apply for credit and are turned down for reasons that do not match your understanding of
your financial position.
🎯Inconsistencies on your credit report, such as inquiries from companies that you haven’t requested products or credit from, debts, or collections that you are not aware of.
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