Posted on Sep 5, 2020

Mandeep Toor Real Estate Team

Creating a Dedicated Learning Environment

Whether your kids are going to school in person, virtually, or will be home schooled, now is the perfect time to create a dedicated learning environment for your children to study and do their school work. Here are some tips to create a study space for any age.

Remove Distractions
Children receive a lot of structure at school. School bells keep everyone in sync, rules banning cell phones keep everyone on task, and classrooms keep each grade separate from other classes to help cut down on distractions. While you don’t have to go quite that far at home, try to set up your learning space where your kids won’t have to worry about noise from phone calls, TVs, or other distractions.

Get Organized
Searching for missing objects can be a huge time drain. Make sure you and your kids know where their books, papers, highlighters, and other important study items are located by getting organized. Baskets, shelves, and binders are all great tools to help keep school items organized.

Multiple Spaces
Sitting in the same spot all day is no easy feat, especially for a child. Create different spaces for learning different subjects. For example, while math may be best studied at a desk, reading can be productive on the couch, a bean bag chair, or even outside.
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